OMG, Man Dances On Rollerskates!


If you live in New York, you should not be watching this video. You should be outside playing in the sun and praying for a sunburn. You should be far far away from anything that’s indoors. I swear, if you are looking at this video, I command you to X out of it. Do it. Now! It’s just not worth the viewing. Outside > This video.

If for some unfortunate reason the weather is overcast and shitty where you live, watch this video because it’s actually pretty funny. A weird man in rollerskates does weird dance moves in public and everyone laughs. Ha, ha, ha! Aren’t people total freaks? Ha, ha, ha! People who rollerskate and refer to themselves as “bladers”? BITCH PLEASE. I’m going outside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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