Videos That Will Make You LOL

Today is boring. Here are some funny videos to spice it up.

You know what’s sadder than being Audrina Patridge? Being Audrina’s Patridge’s mom. In this video, she gets wasted and talks to a paparazzi about God, Dancing With The Stars, and why Lauren Conrad is such a bitch. LOL.

This Mad TV Laguna Beach parody is so spot-on that it’s almost like you’re watching a real episode. LOL.

I’m not really sure why no one has given Nicole Richie her own network sitcom yet. Her “work” in The Simple Life and this Mad TV skit is brilliant. LOL.

Speaking of The Simple Life, did anyone ever watch the show Starveilance? It was this hilarious claymation show on E! that aired a few years ago. Watch this clip of Paris and Nicole arguing about greenhouse gases. LOL.

I’ve already blogged about the genius of MTV’s Rich Girls and if you haven’t already seen it, this is a great place to start. In this clip, Aly Hilfiger has an emotional breakdown and tries to figure out how to make a burrito. LOL.

Lastly, this piece of genius. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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