One UCLA Student Totes Hates Asians

I love nothing more than when an Aryan princess figures out how to work her computer and decides to make a video in which she slanders an entire race! Starring tits and prejudice, this video contains some hilarious nuggets of wisdom, one of which being that Asians are co-dependent and spend their weekends cooking and doing laundry in harmony. Another hard-hitting fact: They don’t have “American manners”, which means they ruin the epiphanies of UCLA students by talking on their cell phones in the library. It’s like they know when you’re having a breakthrough with your poli sci paper, and deliberately sabotage you by having a conversation.

I can only imagine what the fallout at school will be like. Every time she enters a library now, it will get the kind of quiet that’s deafening, and the Asians nearby will just give her a thousand death stares. Maybe they’ll even pick up their cell phone and talk loudly in her ear. Ugh, she needs a brain and a new colorist ASAP. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Ryan O'Connell

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