One UCLA Student Totes Hates Asians

I love nothing more than when an Aryan princess figures out how to work her computer and decides to make a video in which she slanders an entire race! Starring tits and prejudice, this video contains some hilarious nuggets of wisdom, one of which being that Asians are co-dependent and spend their weekends cooking and doing laundry in harmony. Another hard-hitting fact: They don’t have “American manners”, which means they ruin the epiphanies of UCLA students by talking on their cell phones in the library. It’s like they know when you’re having a breakthrough with your poli sci paper, and deliberately sabotage you by having a conversation.

I can only imagine what the fallout at school will be like. Every time she enters a library now, it will get the kind of quiet that’s deafening, and the Asians nearby will just give her a thousand death stares. Maybe they’ll even pick up their cell phone and talk loudly in her ear. Ugh, she needs a brain and a new colorist ASAP. TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • Andrew

    UPDATE: all of her contact info including her full name, email, and cell number was released someone on the interwebs and went viral on tumblr. looks like her cell got disconnected last night after people hate-texting and calling her. LOLZ xoxo

    • Natalie

      But of course, she will play the victim here. Probably blame it on some other race this time.

      • Mr. White

        It's the Jewish conspiracy

    • vicky


  • Marthabuca

    the type of ignorant that gets to my nerves

  • Mr. White

    she's so gay

    • jana

      dislike the use of “gay” here

      • vicky

        LOL oops

      • Naomi


      • Emily



    The last thing UCLA needs is another race war.

  • kelly huckaby


  • 123

    hmmmm, I think she's right

  • G-rac

    Whilr it's mildy funny that she has expeienced some form of commuppence, manipulating people with fear of verbal retribution won't make the world a better or more tolerant place. Take the high road embrace reason and forgiveness. If you lead by example by being an awesome person people will be forced to change their views so they can be awesome like you.

    • phmadore

      Yeah, but usually the only way to teach naughty blondes like her is through embarassment.

  • Alex Nikolov

    “Even if you're not Asian you should be on your cellphone in the library” – Best Kinda Morals

  • MP80909

    Can't wait to see UCLA's reaction.

  • JD

    LOL. ummm, this girl is dead if she steps foot on campus now. You don't want to mess with angry asian girls. Have fun transferring to Arizona State!

  • biancawarhol

    “I'll be, like, deep into my studying, into my political science theories and arguments and all that stuff, getting it all down, like, typing away furiously. BLAHBLAHBLAH. And then all of a sudden, when I'm about to like, reach an epiphany…Over here from 'somewhere…' (can't even bear to repeat the racist crap that came out of her mouth)”

    I can't believe “mangoh69” feels entitled to share opinions like these while studying “political science theories and arguments and all that stuff.”
    I have literally never felt the urge to shit on someone's face until now. I can't think of any other rational way to solve this.

    • k9

      I love that 'mangoh' is an anagram of 'angmoh', with is Hokkien (a chinese dialect) for 'Caucasian'.


    ok. so a lot of people bitch about shit on youtube and what not, but she is annoying as hell. not articulate and just a dumb bitch. i srsly hate ucla/usc kids. they need to just shut the fuck up and eat their own feces. especially this bitch.

    • JD

      I went to UCLA and I'd hate to think people believe she is at all representative of the school (plus, you know, about 40% of the UCLA population is Asian, so…).

      • phmadore

        … UCLA is headquarters of the mathletes?

  • faith

    good lord.

  • phmadore

    I have a much, much better use for that mouth of hers, sitting as it is so nicely just inches above her pre-maturely purchased Anna Nicole titties. Call me doll. I'll abuse you like only a white man could.


      This is a response that would have been directed at a man doing the same video. No double standard here.

  • Susie Anderson

    gurl needs to check herself



  • Jessicaltomberlin

    Find it very ironic she uses her political science paper as an example here…

  • me

    Here go hell come.

  • Michael Koh


  • Guest

    How did she get into UCLA? Seriously. I’ve seen some really smart kids get rejected from there. Was she one of those “hey, a bad GPA but we should give her a chance!” kids?

  • Jay

    How can you ever hate Asians when they are so cute in baby form?

  • Prose M.

    ‘asians’ is not a race. It is basically anyone who were born in the Asia continent and holds a citizenship of an Asian country. It is made up of many races: Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Malays, Boyanese, Javanese, Arabs, Indians, Koreans, Pakistanis, etc.

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