Being Gay Is Gay: Craig Moreau


Never give a hot gay boy access to Allen Ginsberg’s poetry because he might just try to poorly imitate it and release a collection of poetry called Chelsea Boy.

A friend sent me this YouTube video of Craig Moreau discussing his book of poetry (which he describes as being very “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”) when I was stoned and I honestly thought it was a joke. After taking a look with a pair of sober eyes, however, I’ve realized that Moreau is being completely serious when he says things like, “All disco balls slow down and eventually stop. You must make the choice here to be a boy of Chelsea.” His book claims to explore the culture of the famed Chelsea neighborhood—something he sees as being overrun with drug and alcohol benders, and long nights dancing to Abba. The video even includes shots of Moreau getting wasted and dancing at the club to perhaps lend an air of authenticity. Although we can’t be for certain, his book will likely set back the gay movement approximately twenty years.

It’s a bummer that Craig Moreau has been given a platform because he embodies the ultimate poet cliche—dull, humorless, and utterly pretentious. It also doesn’t help that he’s writing shitty prose about all of the harmful stereotypes gay men have been trying to fight against. I mean, is it really necessary to release another book about gay men partying and having lots of sex? The secret to his (limited) success perhaps lies in his amazing sculpted gym body. That’s something worth looking at, I guess. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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