Dave Franco Acts Gay Just Like His Bro in Funny Or Die Video


Apparently, James Franco isn’t the only person in his family who likes to act gay. His dreamy younger brother, Dave, also likes to wear homosexual pants! In this video for Funny Or Die, Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse reveal the dirty sexy things they want to do to each other while moving closer and closer to one another. For a second it seems like they’re really gonna smooch, but alas, that would just be gay and not funny.

Can we take this moment to acknowledge that James Franco has a little brother? He’s definitely foxy—not James Franco foxy, just Franco foxy—and he actually seems pretty talented. I just can’t wait till James Franco makes a film about incest with him. Because you know that’s going to happen. If James Franco has a brother, he has an obligation to explore the taboo of incest. It will be strange and shocking. Everyone will be horrified! And there James will be premiering the film, which will be called Even My Brother Wants To Fuck Me at the MoMA acting very satisfied with himself. In pictures, he”ll ask Dave to lean in uncomfortably close and pull an Angelina Jolie at the Oscars. Dave will initially be like, “No, dude. That’s sick. I’ve done enough!” and James will just flash a look of terror and sexiness that will tell Dave everything he needs to know.

Ew. Can you imagine? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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