What Kind of Twitter User Are You?

Twitter is a social networking tool that attracts a diverse array of users. Everyone from comedian Sarah Silverman to Betty Sue from Cupcake, Illinois uses the website to share their daily thoughts, which can range from intelligent quips to TMI boredom. Let’s find out what camp you fall under. Are you an oversharer who bombards their followers with useless information or are you a tweeting minimalist? Find out now!

1. What best describes a typical tweet from you?

  • A. “Beige.”
  • B. “Eating pizza with @SarahKAYJohnson. Might go to the movies soon. What should we see?”
  • C. “*insert something clever here*”

2. When do you usually use Twitter?

  • A. You’re not sure exactly. Do you even have a Twitter? You can’t really remember….
  • B. Every second of every day. You can’t help it. You’re totally addicted! Your own friends tell you to stop dominating their Twitter feeds, but you don’t listen to them. It’s like you need to go to Twitter rehab LOL.
  • C. When something funny or interesting happens that you know people will enjoy and RT. Your Twitter is the best version of yourself. Everything you tweet is methodical and hopefully fun to read.

3. What do you think of Follow Friday?

  • A. You don’t know what that is. Is it when you stalk people on Fridays? That would be creepy.
  • B. You love it! You always tweet someone “Thanx!” when they #FF you and make sure to include them in your #FF list as well. Lately you haven’t been getting any #FF’s though and it makes you feel bad. Maybe you could reach out to someone influential.
  • C. You only do it sometimes. Like when your best friend joins or it’s an exceptional Twitter account. Your endorsements carry a lot of prestige. You aren’t just going to #FF anyone.

4. How many tweets do you actually have?

  • A. You don’t check that shit. What are these questions? WHO ARE YOU?
  • B. Um, 2, 400. Is that bad? Hehe. You go on these binges and compulsively add people. You can’t stop. You won’t stop. Even if everyone tells you to stop.
  • C. 220. You’ve deleted a lot of them though. You get pretty self-conscious about certain tweets and will delete them after a few hours if it makes you uncomfortable.

5.  What’s your following to followers ratio?

  • A. You’re only following one person on Twitter. You don’t check how many are following you.
  • B. You’re following 1,222 people and 200 are following you. You feel really insecure about it and want to move on to the next question.
  • C. You will always have more followers and you’ll go to great lengths to ensure that.

6. What does your Twitter bio say?

  • A.  It’s just your name. Were you supposed to say more?
  • B. “21 Y/O life-liver, dreamer, dancer. Follow me and you’ll find out more!”
  • C. “I like to eat almonds, take long showers and think about things.”

7. What would you say is the primary reason you use Twitter?

  • A. You log in once a month and tweet something vague. That’s it.
  • B. To keep in touch with friends and network. Twitter’s such a powerful tool these days, you know.
  • C. You use it mostly as a writing exercise. A tweet a day keeps the writer’s block away! Getting a book deal out of a Twitter would be cool too.

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