The Social Network Gets A Bro Makeover


Making fun of bros never gets old. In this hilarious spoof of The Social Network, a remix of Radiohead’s “Creep” is set to scenes of a Mark Zuckerberg type creating a social network solely for alcoholic bro nightmares. Naturally, problems arise.

Question though: Does anyone actually like bros besides bros themselves and bro-hoes? Never before has a social group seemed like such a colossal joke to the masses. Their choice of clothing (puka shell necklaces and flip-flops), their music taste (Jack Johnson, Kings of Leon) and taste in women (breathing) have become the ultimate fodder for any satire. Personally, I’m terrified of them because they usually aren’t down with gay dudes unless we’re “like not that obvious about being gay. Like, we like guys, but we’re pretty quiet about it.” In order for a ‘mo to be accepted into their circle, you usually have to downplay your sexuality and realize you’re only there to make the bros feel progressive. It’s worth it though if one of them turns out to be secretly gay and wants to make out with you. Let’s face it: Bros may be disgusting, but they’re kind of hot in that American sleaze “treat me like crap” kind of way. I guess this kind of thinking ultimately makes me a bro-mo. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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