Rodarte + Elle Fanning = ?

Wanna get high without taking drugs? Just watch this short silent film Todd Cole directed in collaboration with Rodarte called, The Curve of Forgotten Things. Whimsical, enchanting and boring, the film stars Elle Fanning as a child gone digging for treasure. Her hunt eventually leads her to an abandoned house in which she explores while disappearing into the walls and emerging in a new frock from Rodarte’s spring 2011 line. Fanning is mesmerizing to watch and the cinematography is ethereal and gorgeous. That being said, I still found it to be impossibly dull.

Ever since she starred in Somewhere, Fanning has become the toast of the fashion world, which I find sort of disturbing. She’s a pre-teen—someone who has begun puberty but hasn’t developed any of her womanly curves—and the fashion world’s endorsement of her body type is pretty telling. No breasts, stick thin and asexual. Tres chic! TC mark

Ryan O'Connell

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  • bored

    gawd thank you. I had all these thoughts. <3 u thought catalog.


    wow that was so boring

  • truman


    You saw it on my profile and decided to make a post about it, right ?!

    I need to feel special here.
    Validate me.

  • Dan Hoffman

    Thought Connellog. JK LOVE U BRO.

  • get a new actress

    wow. her acting was so bad, and the whole thing seemed to be a bit overly contrived. I did enjoy the effect of that time lapse on the shed in the window though.

  • erin pea

    “whimsical, enchanting and boring” = true. as much as i love rodarte and the fannings, the whole time i was looking for the fast forward button.

  • George Darroch

    Why? Because fashion is a substitute for sexuality. It displaces it, drawing away from the body below. That is why a curveless pubescent young woman fascinated with an intense dangerous energy makes so much sense. As much as we would like to criticise it, doing so would be criticising the entire edifice of fashion itself. Are we prepared to do that?

    • sux

      lol yes.


    she's 12. she's fucking 12. i still can't get over that.

  • <3 ryan

    elle fanning is banksy. lol

  • kt

    The Rodarte sisters seem to have an obsession with young girls (ie. Tavi) as muses. If they were dudes, this would be a different situation.

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