Rodarte + Elle Fanning = ?


Wanna get high without taking drugs? Just watch this short silent film Todd Cole directed in collaboration with Rodarte called, The Curve of Forgotten Things. Whimsical, enchanting and boring, the film stars Elle Fanning as a child gone digging for treasure. Her hunt eventually leads her to an abandoned house in which she explores while disappearing into the walls and emerging in a new frock from Rodarte’s spring 2011 line. Fanning is mesmerizing to watch and the cinematography is ethereal and gorgeous. That being said, I still found it to be impossibly dull.

Ever since she starred in Somewhere, Fanning has become the toast of the fashion world, which I find sort of disturbing. She’s a pre-teen—someone who has begun puberty but hasn’t developed any of her womanly curves—and the fashion world’s endorsement of her body type is pretty telling. No breasts, stick thin and asexual. Tres chic! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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