Lady Gaga Orders Target To Get Down With Homosexuals

Love or hate Lady Gaga, you have to admit that she’s done wonderful things for the gays. After inking a deal with Target—a store I would sadly spend most of my waking moments in—Gaga held a meeting with the execs and demanded they stop funding anti-gay groups. In the past, the store had donated $150,000 to a political group that supported a ban on gay marriage. Gaga described the discussion as “intense’ and said the following:

That discussion was one of the most intense conversations I’ve ever had in a business meeting. Part of my deal with Target is that they have to start affiliating themselves with LGBT charity groups and begin to reform and make amends for the mistakes they’ve made in the past … our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they’ve made supporting those [antigay] groups.

Subsequently, Target has rescinded any and all financial support to anti-gay groups and has made a donation of $500,000 to LGBT groups. (FYI: Target is worth, like, a billion dollars.)

Isn’t this news kind of insane? The fact that Lady Gaga is powerful enough to change one of the biggest corporations is pretty mind-blowing. Imagine if Lady Gaga was a creepy Christian who hated gay people. That alternative is terrifying. Regardless of your feelings about Gaga, it’s important to note that she’s a progressive liberal who basically has as much influence as Obama. Whoa. That’s an intense thought. And so American. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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