Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart Do Unexpected Things Together On The Daily Show

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On last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart performed a skit in which they switched bodies a la Freaky Friday. Channeling a brilliant comedian, Bieber was well-spoken and quietly funny while Stewart behaved like a thugged-out 16-year old boy, which I guess must be how Justin Bieber really acts, or how Stewart perceives him to be. The audience naturally went apeshit for the unlikely duo thinking, “There’s that young singer my daughter loves pretending he’s an adult! What a wondrous clashing of the generations!”

After watching this video, I realized I had never heard Justin Bieber talk. I’ve also never heard Lady Gaga speak either. Isn’t that strange? They’re all over the magazines, the Internet, my television, but it’s like they never make a sound. I’m sure there’s meaning in all of this, but I’m just not sure what it is. Sigh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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