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James Earl Jones’ Interpretation of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

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On The Gayle King Show, actor James Earl Jones gave an unintentionally dramatic reading of the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s hit song “Baby”, which is like the literary equivalent of a Nilla wafer. Jones has a Morgan Freeman-esque voice. It’s deep, powerful and perfect for the narration of a bird migration special on Animal Planet. Watching him utter the laments of a 16-year-old boy feels unnatural and yet so right at the same time. TC mark

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  • kevboh

    “Jones has a Morgan Freeman-esque voice.”

    Man, he's Darth Vader.

  • V

    I would say, if one were going to make comparisons re the voices of these two men, it would be more appropriate to say that Morgan Freeman has a James Earl Jones-esque voice–although I personally don't agree with that and there certainly isn't any good reason to frame a sentence that way given that the subject of this blog post is James Earl Jones and not Morgan Freeman–because, while they are both old African American actors with deep voices, James Earl Jones is an actor whose entire identity revolves around the sound of his voice, whereas Morgan Freeman is the more accomplished 'acting actor'.

    • Vikki

      Yes, thank you! Saying that so I didn't have to.

      /hat tip

  • E5

    Just to echo the sentiments of the other posters, the comparison is ridiculous. Not only are they very different types of actors, but although both are very talented the venerable Mr. Jones came first in every meaningful sense. Some people may suggest that we should forgive Mr. O’Connell, since he is more of the Bieber generation, but really, any journalist or person who claims to represent this site’s stated mission ought to do his research.

    • Carlos Ortiz

      Yeah, there is no excuse, I'm younger and probably less attuned to “pop-culture” than a gay living in NY and I wouldn't have made such a weak comparison.

      • Kenrobot

        “a gay” ?!

        Let me guess, you 'no speaka de engliss'?


      • darren

        a homosexual person, especially a male.

        taken from

  • They call me Dr. Pelican

    James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman sound nothing alike whatsoever. Freeman doesn't even have a really powerful voice; it's strong and soothing, but it's not a sonorous bass voice like Earl Jones.

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