A History of Awkward High-Fives

Even though high-fives are clearly the worst, people still insist on touching their palm with someone else’s palm. Whenever anyone tries to do it to me though, I pretend to go Stevie Wonder on them, or I just say no. Sure, it’ll be really weird for a second. You’ll watch their enthusiastic smile deflate like a balloon and quickly put the rejected hand in their pocket, but it’s worth it. I give bad high-five anyway. Trust me. TC mark


Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • Amy

    Clearly the BEST.

  • http://hbgwhem.tumblr.com/ HBGWHEM

    someone once told me if you watch the other person's elbow instead of their hand, you will have a perfect high five every time. luckily, i haven't been in a situation that allowed me to test this.

    • Sirdy

      i wanna know if this worrrrrks

      • wackomet

        I can vouch for this, it totally works

  • http://newhandsweepstakes.com/2011/01/20/american-idol-is-awesome/ Brian McElmurry

    The blind dude was classic! High-fives rule. But they can go horribly wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/nycGtrain G Train

    I always thought high fives made people happy.

  • Jamie

    the blind guy! ah! brilliant!

  • steve-oh!

    Another fantastic one (5)

  • thad

    high fives are the only good thing in life. This post is depressing

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