Watch This Hypnotic Video of Vintage Britney Spears Saying The Word “Funky”


Four Four has done a wondrous job of editing together an assortment of Britney Spears clips circa her …Baby One More Time days. Watching the all-American teen princess wax poetic on popularity, emailing and things that are “funky” is oddly mesmerizing. It’s not because she sounds like an idiot, but it’s because she actually sounds just like a normal teenager—someone who likes to say the word “cool” a lot and has a very limited vocabulary with which to express herself. Watching these clips ten years later after everything that has happened with Spears makes them all the more poignant and sad. Who could’ve predicted that the woman behind the classic cool happy pop song “Email My Heart” would’ve turned into such a head-shaving mess? I know Britney’s supposed to be “back” and all, but I think she’s just on a stronger dose of her meds. The Britney we see in this video is gone forever. We killed her. We killed the teen dream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Ryan O'Connell

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