Things You’ll Miss About College

Flickr / David Mulder
Flickr / David Mulder

You’ll miss pointless house parties with Facebook invites that read, “Tom Waits Listening Party! Come over and get drunk with me and my cat and listen to good ol’ Tom.” These parties will be emotionally charged and incestuous. You’ll have slept with half the room and want to sleep with the other half. Don’t worry, you eventually will. College goes for four, sometimes five, years! Everyone will be drunk, young and happy. The biggest disappointments are getting a “C-“ on your paper about Jane Eyre. No one talks about annoying things like their career. What career? You’re majoring in Drama and minoring in Jealousy!

You’ll miss the feeling of being in a cocoon. You’ll never feel it more than you do at these house parties. When you graduate, people primarily only celebrate birthday parties or good news. If you do go to a run-of-the-mill house party, you risk running into kids who are still in college, and that will be really embarrassing for you. Trust me.

Sometimes you’ll even miss writing papers and studying in the library with your friends. In retrospect, stressing about your paper for Politics of Psychology in Education sounds like a dream vacay compared to the stress you deal with now. You’ll miss taking Adderall for an actual reason and texting your friend anxiously, “OMG. So does your guy have some? I have a ten-page paper due on heteronormative ideas in the pre-middle-post Consumerist era and I can’t write without it!

You’ll miss all-nighters and taking Photobooth pictures of you and your friends looking insane after 36 hours of no sleep. You’ll miss having the knowledge that it will all eventually end. All of this hard work leads up to a winter break, spring break, or summer. When courses end, grades are given out and you move on.  After you graduate and get a nine-to-five job, there is no real end, and if there is, it typically means you’ve been fired. You take equal parts solace and grief in knowing that there’s no endpoint now, that this could be the way you spend your time day in and day out for the next five or ten years or forever.

You’ll miss being told what books to read and discovering your favorite writer in the process. You’ll miss hearing that one lecture that changed your life forever. You’ll miss idealism peppered with apathy.

You’ll miss classroom crushes and seeing a certain babe 3-5 days a week. Getting with your crush had never seemed more feasible than it did in college because let’s be honest: Sixty percent of your college experience is about getting the object of your desire to desire you back. Even colleges are aware of this fact. They allot you time each semester to have a crush on someone and potentially get into a new relationship. You’ll miss “falling in love” or “having sex” as being a part of your job description.

You’ll miss the close friendships you made and being a five-minute walk from all of your best friends. When you graduate, some of them might move back to their hometown and/or get real jobs, and you’ll suddenly realize you no longer have the luxury to lie in bed with them while nursing a hangover on a Wednesday afternoon. Your world has gotten too big for that.  You no longer live in a vacuum. Duh.

You’ll miss being expected to fuck up and being allowed to realize that you can’t eat a pot brownie before your psych class. You were given four years to indulge, to be insane, and to figure out what not to do. Now you’re expected to have all the right answers, or at least that’s how you feel.

You’ll romanticize college. Maybe it wasn’t even like the way I just described it. Maybe that’s just what you wanted it to be like. In the end, it won’t matter how accurate your memory is. What you’ll miss now about college is what you’ll miss forever. TC mark

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  • bonafidehype

    too real

  • Erik Stinson

    “What career? You’re majoring in Drama and minoring in Jealousy!”

    • Camille Salome

      this was amazing!

      • jacob

        favorite quote.

  • Josh

    Wow, that was fantastic

  • Sglam

    There is always graduate school….but then you will miss the undergrad years. Great post… reflects my life right now.

  • Lolly


  • Weaselbag


  • aaron nicholas

    so glad to be a grown-ass-independent man now

  • facebook-23806988

    That's why you go to grad school… and the fun continues, but you make more money.

  • Guest

    Things you'll miss about college (if you're a hipster). You need to add the (if you're a hipster) part to everything on here.

    • Kate

      So far off.. just because crush parties, tailgating, and beer bonging weren't included, hardly makes these hipster activities. Newsflash: all kinds of people like to get fucked up in college

  • Keri

    You’ll miss being expected to fuck up and being allowed to realize that you can’t eat a pot brownie before your psych class.

    Absolutely perfect.

  • Scott Templeton

    I'm sick of this guy. I remember the days when I was impressed by the calibre of writers here.

    • Chris

      i agree. hardly any of the articles lately have been intriguing. i want to read stuff that is thoughtful…or something, at least interesting

  • Andy

    damn. i'm going to grad school plus i'm a 4th year junior. my college days will end when i'm like 27 or 28. my life of drinking 5-10 cans of pbr won't end. my life of making out with the exchange students from korea won't end. i don't want a job. i like the bubble of being with young people who don't have jobs or families to take care of. i like being around smart people. i know when i leave college i will have to live with poor people via being poor myself. damn. could i be like 30 and still be in college. will girls think i'm a creepy old guy.

  • CK

    make me upset

  • uhnonnymus

    You need to get out more.

    • robb

      what do you mean by this??? just wondering…

  • Punkrockandsocks

    yeah, I totally miss this stuff but what I don't miss are feeling awful at our friend's constant little parties because you had sex with a bunch of people in the room and now they're dating other friends. that hurts and you're drunk and no one wants you and you just walk through the snow alone to your cold bed. so fuck that weird drama and loneliness…those parties amongst BFFs got old and sad

  • party ideas nyc


    there are many Things we miss about College.

  • Julie

    “You’ll miss being told what books to read and discovering your favorite writer in the process”
    i love this line… becuase that's how i found most of my favorite authors

  • fl

    This definitely resonated, particularly those impromptu Photobooth sessions in the middle of a sardine-packed library. Oh, the good ol' days.

  • André Leblond

    Oh yes, university is really just about desire. You're there because you want to (or at least you think you do) learn more about whatever it is your studying. Yet at the same time you are forced to balance that with your immense desire to just grab that TA by the collar and fuck him till reading week.

  • James

    I'm in university still, but am already beginning to miss it.

  • Tori

    i miss college and i haven’t even started yet.

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