Ten Best Celebrity Twitters

2. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is more tolerable on the computer because you don’t have to see her icky plastic surgery face and feel bad for her and our society. Instead, you can just enjoy all the inane things she expresses, which include but aren’t limited to: her love for Jesus Christ, shampoo, herself, her pets and sunny days. With all the joy Heidi feels on a daily basis, one would almost think that she’s still taking those fun vitamins they give you to curb post-surgery pain but maybe she’s just in a natural permanent state of euphoria.

Following: 83, 117

Followers: 1, 147, 865

Best Tweet:  Check out my Dry Shampoo! It’s finally available for the public and for my friends to try! http://www.heidimontaghaircare.com


Ryan O'Connell

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  • http://www.smokingonanemptystomach.blogspot.com Jordan

    i like 50 cent's twitter account

  • Trent

    I don't even know who half these people are, but this is hilarious nonetheless.

  • http://hbgwhem.tumblr.com/ hbgwhem.tumblr.com

    50 once tweeted, “man i done fucked up my leg i fell off a damn peddle bike” and i'm pretty sure that's the 'perfect tweet'

  • http://twitter.com/JosephErnest Joseph Ernest Harper

    Yoko's isn't that good I don't think. She mainly just advertises thing. Like dead John Lennon related things. Seems depressing.

  • Manam

    50 cent's twitter is the twitter.

  • Joe Martin

    Tim from Tim and Eric has a pretty good twitter account.

  • http://kumquatparadise.tumblr.com aaron nicholas


  • Jko201

    “bugger it….write a sitcom”

  • QuackMooMeow

    http://twitter.com/beinggayisg… <—- best twitter and I don't even like twitter, so not really saying much…

  • http://twitter.com/benhRjr ben Raifsnider, jr.

    i got very excited about following Courtney Love but apparently her feed has been suspended!? what kind of hot mess do you have to be to get kicked off of Twitter!?

  • Brobcl

    I think kanye’s tweet is about The Social Network.

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