Tavi Gevinson Could Be Your 14 Year Old Boss

Here’s some news you might find interesting, exciting and/or depressing. A few days ago, a job listing was posted on Mediabistro for a Senior Editor position at JanePratt.com—the new teen feminist venture headed by Pratt and fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson—looking for someone with years of experience in the online publishing field and “a strong personality.” For those of you who follow Tavi’s blog, The Style Rookie, you’ll remember a blog post she made back in November in which she solicited the help of her readers to find freelance writers for the site stating, “[send us] a sample — whether you would put the specific sample in the magazine or not — of your writing of all and any kinds, photos, artwork, whatever you’re good at and think would be at home in a feminist, creative, moody-teenage-girl magazine. I can promise no questions about being a team player and why you got fired from your office job.” Although the thought of a virtual version of Sassy is amazing and exciting (hell, I even applied), there is something admittedly strange about taking orders from a girl who was born in 1997. Tavi’s actual role in the magazine is still unclear (could she work full-time? doesn’t she have to finish ninth grade?}, but it’s obvious she’ll have a hand in shaping its editorial vision. Enlisting the help of Tavi is a smart move on Jane Pratt’s part. Who better to serve as a guide for an intelligent feminist teen magazine than an actual intelligent feminist teen? It’ll just be interesting to see how it will all unfold. In the meantime, OMG THERE’S GOING TO BE A TEEN FEMINIST MAGAZINE FOR THE INTERNET! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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