Girl Falls Into a Mall Fountain While Texting

This girl must be in such a shame spiral right now. Not only did she fall into a fountain in a giant public area, but the mall employees took the time to upload the security footage along with their mocking commentary to YouTube. She was probably going to the mall to buy a dress from Forever 21 and maybe eat a corn dog from Hot Dog On A Stick. Perhaps she was frazzled and texting her crush, “What R U doing?! I’m at da mall. Meet me?” when she fell into the dreaded fountain. Who knows? Now she’s the laughingstock of the Internet. One day you’re textin’ and fallin’ and the next, some 24-year old writer in New York City is blogging about your misfortune in his pajamas. He looks out his window and realizes it looks cold outside. He hopes to finish this post before 10:00 a.m. but he’s just not sure. He’s just not sure about anything anymore! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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