Everything You Didn’t Really Care To Know About The Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

What it’s About: Plastic surgery, celebrity and being like, super super rich.

Politics: It’s rich people in Los Angeles, which usually means closeted Republican.

Husbands: Camille is, or was, married to The Kelsey Grammer. She loves him and stuff but she’s ready to break out of his burly shadow. That makes sense. Get casted on a show because you’re Kelsey Grammer’s wife in an effort to individuate yourself. Perfect!

Kids: Camille employs four nannies for her two children and if one of them doesn’t end up in rehab by sixteen, it will be a miracle. Speaking of rehab, Lisa Van Der Plump’s 16 year-old son might be going there very soon.

$$$: This is the major difference. Unlike most of the other seasons, these women actually have serious cash. Well, they don’t, their husbands do but lets not split hairs.

Feminism: Adrienne Maloof treats her husband like a second-class citizen, which is sort of Beverly Hills’ version of feminism. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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