Everything You Didn’t Really Care To Know About The Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

What it’s About: Racism. Well, kind of. The Real Housewives of Atlanta can be one of the most racist hours on television. It has casted women with stereotypical black issues i.e. baby-daddy issues, dating men straight out of prison and having fights on a Maury-level of proportions, but I still love them. Racism is confusing.

Politics: It’s the South so you know there are some weird Bush vibes. However, I think that these women are too into gay dudes to vote against them.

Husbands: They’re all pretty much single actually. NeNe is close to divorcing Greg. Kandi Burruss is single now that her fiancé has been shot and killed (!), and Kim Zolciak is supposedly done with being a lesbian and pregnant with some athlete’s baby.

Kids: The kids are young so they haven’t really had a chance to screw their lives up on national television yet. NeNe Leakes’ son, Bryson, went to jail though.

$$$: They’re faring a little bit better than Orange County but not by much. Sheree’s house went into foreclosure and I think NeNe’s did too.

Feminism: These women are into being women. They’re strong, loud, and proud.


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