Boy Professes His Love To A Girl Who Works At GameStop

You know what the most fascinating thing about gamers is? They get laid. You think they wouldn’t because they kind of all look like smooshed gumballs, but they do because they only have each other. Gamers don’t breed outside of their kind because they’re A. so isolated and B. a non-gamer would never be able to tolerate their lifestyle. They could never sit for ten hours and watch their significant other play Call Of Duty while other people are outside laughing, living, loving. But gamer girls will because they get turned on by things like high scores and talking shit on the web. They’ll lovingly remove the remnants of Cheetos in their boyfriend’s hair. So good for them, I guess. TC mark

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Ryan O'Connell

I'm a brat.


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  • leighalexander

    i'm 'fucking wounded' ryan

    • Bruno Dion

      Well for a second I was sure you were the one who wrote this about “that kind” of gamers.

  • Kelly McClure

    I wonder when this guy will realize that he's a homosexual.

    Also, look at the Mountain Dew.

  • John

    And then he masturbated.

  • Jess Dutschmann

    He rehearsed this for a while. Pretty cute job.

  • ZaneEatsWorld

    sure, sure… gamer “girls” do usually choose their mates from the teeming mass of gamer guys..

    but the ratio is still like 20,000 to 1

  • Daniel Roberts

    We need an update, plz, if/when this guy gets the girl. Desperately need to see what she looks like.

  • brandonnn

    always good practice to check the youtube description / other videos from the channel before you take something at face value :>

  • aaron nicholas

    since he is 'in' on the joke does that make it less funny? is it better to have the “wtf omg is he furreal” reaction and laugh at them, or “cool, sweet” reaction and laugh with them…or are both situations equal…or is this a false dichotomy?

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