Anna Nicole Smith's Death Can Finally Be Put To Rest

Last week signaled an end to the questions surrounding Anna Nicole Smith’s death when lawyer/former boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, was exonerated of the drug conspiracy charges held against him.  Residing from the Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Robert Perry declared that Stern never meant any harm when he forged his name and others to obtain prescriptions for Smith, stating it was done to keep her privacy intact.  Uh….

Questionable verdict aside, clearing Stern of any wrongdoing closed the book on the scandalous life (and death) of Anna Nicole Smith, finally allowing her mourners to move on. I, for one, will never move on though. Smith’s drunken pilled-out spirit will continue to live on inside of me forever, thanks in no small part to an extensive collection of videos on YouTube.

Let us now pay tribute not to Smith, but to her more attractive cousin, Shelley, who stumbled into our lives in 2002 when she appeared on The Anna Nicole Smith Show. Toothless, drunk and possibly on meth, she proved to be the gift that kept on giving with her antics, which included getting wasted at Anna’s Christmas party and serenading us with her rendition of “Oh Noel” (more on that later).

In the first video, you’ll witness a desperate Shelley begging on Anna’s doorstep to let her back into her life. A rightfully suspicious Anna is not having any of it though.


The second video is an outtake of an interview Shelley had with the producers of Anna’s reality show. She appears to be very drunk, disoriented and eventually vomits.


Saving the best for last, the final video is of Shelley singing at Anna’s Christmas party. Unfortunately, the video has been removed from YouTube, but you can still watch it here. Sadly, the video cuts off before you have a chance to see Shelley get into a physical altercation with a guest.

Even though Anna’s gone, Shelley is (presumably) still with us. If you are reading Thought Catalog Shelley, please get in touch with us. We’d love to know what you’re up to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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