Woman Calls Homophobic Mother Out On Being Homophobic


Few things on the Internet are actually heartwarming. Viral videos, in particular, are usually depressing or weird or weirdly depressing. But that’s why videos like this one are so great. They swoop in and delete the Internet’s permanent jaded smirk and replace it with a lip-curling smile. What Would You Do? is a candid camera type of show that places people in imagined screwed-up situations and asks them the question, what would you do if you saw this crazy shit IRL? It’s like Punk’d without the celebrities and Ashton Kutcher’s annoying voiceover. In this segment, a boy comes out to his mother at a coffee shop and she has an unfavorable reaction. Thankfully, a sweet homosexual-loving woman happened to be nearby who intervened and told the mother to stop being such a homophobic bitch. Well, she didn’t actually say that. Just watch the video. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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