Top Ten Celebrity Excuses for Acting Completely Bat Shit Insane

6. “I was totes depressed!”

Liar: Kirsten Dunst

Bullshit Meter: 4

After she finished filming Marie Antoinette, there were rumblings that Kirsten Dunst was partying a little too hard.  At Sundance, she reportedly showed up to screenings intoxicated and on the gossip blogs, she earned the unfortunate nickname, Kirsten Drunkst.  It came as no surprise then when the actress checked into the famed rehab, Cirque Lodge, in Utah. Her publicist insisted it was for depression, not alcohol abuse, but it was probably a little bit of both. Depressed people drink a lot because they’re sad. And then the drinking makes them more depressed. Before you know it, they check into a super chic rehab center in Mormon country to deal with their problems.


Ryan O'Connell

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