Top Ten Celebrity Excuses for Acting Completely Bat Shit Insane

3. “I thought it was gum!”

Liar: Paris Hilton

Bullshit Meter: 10

We all know Paris Hilton isn’t the sharpest stiletto in the closet but this excuse really took the cake. While partying in Las Vegas this past August, police approached Hilton’s vehicle after smelling marijuana through her open window and decided to search her purse. Along with probably finding dogs from the animal shelter and lip gloss, police also found under a gram of cocaine. Paris immediately denied the purse was even hers and then told cops she thought the cocaine was gum. The only thing cocaine and gum have in common is that they both make your mouth move a lot. Which, in Paris Hilton’s case, is almost always a bad thing.


Ryan O'Connell

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