Trailer Roundup: Psycho Killers, Heartbreak, Terminally Ill Teens In Love


In Sofia Coppola’s latest ode to beautiful people feeling isolated, Stephen Dorff plays a wild actor living at the famed Chateau Marmont who’s forced to slow down when his 11 year-old daughter (Elle Fanning) shows up on his doorstep. Coppola has always had an eye for beauty and Somewhere appears to be no exception. The cinematography captures a Los Angeles dripping in sun, the bare stripped-down Strokes song perfectly sets the languid melancholy mood. However, I can’t help help but feel like Coppola ultimately chooses style over substance. Her films have always been deceptively complex, always hinting at something deeper and more profound than the costumes and soundtrack are able to show you. We see the ethereal edges and the beautifully sculpted bones of a story that’s begging to go deeper but Coppola never obliges. Whether it’s because she simply doesn’t want to or because she can’t is unclear. Whatever the reason, Somewhere is proof that Sofia Coppola doesn’t plan on testing her skills anytime soon.


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