A Look At The New Facebook Profile

Prepare for your virtual life (read: entire life) to be turned upside down. At midnight, Facebook launched their new and supposedly improved profile. Among the new changes, your profile will now immediately display the following information about you:

Joe Blow
Works at “Cooler Job Than Yours.” Lives in “Cool City.” From “Not A Cool City.” Born on “Oh shit. He is young and fabulous!”

And because we love scoping people’s photos, there’ll also be the most recently tagged photos of you looking fresh, fun and popular on your profile. You won’t even have to click “View Photos” anymore. It will already be on their main page for you to judge, laugh at or feel envious of.

The creepiest new feature would have to be “Featured Friends” in which you can list the friendships that are most important to you and reveal their history. It’s like a popularity contest masquerading as a sentimental journey through time. Those of you who were on Myspace will be familiar with the perils of promoting special friendships. Top 8, anyone?

All in all, the new design isn’t particularly bothersome. However, I’m not sure why Facebook feels the need to constantly change its layout. It mostly just pisses people off and makes them feel disoriented and scared. I thought about switching to the new profile but in the end, I couldn’t do it. What if I didn’t like it and couldn’t go back? What if it negatively affects my experience on Facebook? That’s a risk I’m just not willing to take. Are you able to?

Edit: J/K. I just did it. Look at the difference!



Wow. That was anti-climatic. Carry on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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