Jennifer Lawrence Is Not A Good Role Model, Contrary To Popular Belief

image - Flickr / Marco Manna
image – Flickr / Marco Manna

In a world full of blurred lines, grey areas, and nefarious sluts, Jennifer Lawrence may seem like the beacon of hope for the self-obsessed, un-self aware, and self-indulgent Gen Y (and their evil minion underlings, generation Selfie). She is Katniss Everdeen, regal and grand and pure, and of course, all actresses are as wholesome in character as the roles they portray, right? Wrong.

I’m not bashing her as a person… because I don’t believe tabloids and Tumblr .gifs are snippets of whom celebrities really are as people. But here is what I have gleaned from my poorly researched studies about Mrs. Lawrence’s public façade.

First, we should start off with how she became a thing. Yeah, she played a role in Winter’s Bone and she did a great job playing that role, or something like that. But shortly thereafter, she took the high road to fast fame and stripped off her clothes to be on the front of the cover of a magazine (google Jennifer Lawrence Esquire). As a woman who totally supports taking your clothes off – or having sex – for money (Elizabeth Raine, you are awesome), I have no problem with her doing this. But, she put herself in a box when she later slut-shamed Miley Cyrus for using her sexuality to get ahead.

And, in further regards to her sexuality, here is a repeating theme of Ms. Lawrence’s that definitely deserves pointing out – her borderline obsession with her weight. I know, I know, it is usually the commentators that strike those discussions with her, you know the… “How many carrots were you allotted everyday to fit into that skin tight body suit?” or “What types of torturous exercises did you endure to make sure that your ass dimples don’t show up beneath your blue body paint?” types of inquiries. And, she normally attacks with great volatility with some soapbox-y drivel about her not caring about the shallow things and about how actresses need to stop caring about that kind of thing, and even that she’s “obese” by Hollywood standards. I think not. Look at more ‘average’ stars like Elizabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks, and they genuinely don’t give a fuck. They aren’t trying to prove anything. But, there goes Ms. Lawrence, chatting it up about food or heavy drinking or how she’s all normal and shit. Not even – Google Jennifer Lawrence bikini.

“Honestly, I really think I just don’t like the idea of Jennifer Lawrence because she is exactly like all the judgmental, pretentious assholes in my generation.”

Which brings me to my next point – heavy drinking. Again about the non-judgment – it’s all good, drink up honey. My preferred vehicle to the bathroom floor is Jager and Red Bull, so I can’t point any fingers. But, it is baffling that on a recent cover Marie Claire she is being glorified for being an irresponsible, regular post-adolescent. The cover touts “She drinks, curses, and totally cracks us up!” like we are supposed to buy into the fact that she is special for being a human being. She seems to pride herself, at least in her public image, on her casual individuality.

Random rant: Individuality my ass. That blonde pixie cut is the biggest and worst manifestation of groupthink in Hollywood since they invented the push up bra. Come on girl, can’t you get past the Hollywood sheeple mentality?

Honestly, I really think I just don’t like the idea of Jennifer Lawrence because she is exactly like all the judgmental, pretentious assholes in my generation. She likes to appear flip, easy-going, and carefree about getting awards as a woman in acting, making women like Anne Hathaway -that aren’t afraid to show that they have worked hard and invested themselves in their work – look as ridiculous as Tracy Flick from Election. Sure, it’s refreshing to see self-deprecation in a young actress, but to make it look like ‘making it big’ is all a fluke of luck that just happened to you is not doing young girls that look up to actresses as examples of work ethic any favors. I have no doubt that Ms. Lawrence worked very hard to get everything that she has, but she completely brushes it off by trying so hard to look like she’s not trying hard. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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