In Case You Need Another Reason To Drink Coffee…

Stylishly caffeinated. #coffeenclothes

If you’re reading this you probably don’t need another reason to drink coffee, but here it is: the combination of two of our longstanding obsessions:

Coffee N Clothes.

Coffee N Clothes is exactly what it sounds like.The genius concept and the blurring of two of our favorite things is so simple, yet so addicting and powerful. Coffee N Clothes, two things most every person can relate with, but finally someone decided to document them in unison.

So here’s how it goes: you wake up, put on your favorite outfit because a) you want to look good b) you want to wear those new shoes you just bought and spent way too much money on and c) you want to take your, um, Coffee N Clothes.

With this new phenomenon making its way across social media and creating a visual culture in real time, users now have the opportunity to play an integral role in being a part of something great. All styles are welcomed – menswear, womenswear, sporty, chic, goth – you name it – just add your coffee to the picture and you have what I like to call, Coffee N Clothes.

With Coffee N Clothes, coffee has become the hottest (literally) accessory in fashion. Whether it’s iced coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino – as long as it’s got caffeine in it – you’re good to go.

Because this is what the world we’ve come to live in has come down to right? Individuals fawning for every last Instagram like and showing off what others can’t have. Social media in today’s society has changed the way many people live their lives – both for better and worse- and it is about time somebody at least brought together two things everyone likes to look at, drink and be a part of: Coffee N Clothes.

But wait, the beauty smartly resides in the complete anonymity of each image. The Coffee N Clothes concept refuses to show faces, which in its own way, is entirely awesome. Purely the focus resides in what matters – the actual fashion and the caffeine. Have a look at the images below for some Coffee N Clothes inspiration, and throw on your best outfit, grab a nice (and strong) looking coffee and you could be featured next. Just remember to use #coffeenclothes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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