You’re Braver Than Most

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You’re a brave soul, braver than most. When love left you bleeding dry, you stuck around tending to your wounds. You locked the doors, shut the blinds and barricaded yourself in. You stitched up each piece of that heart, with your very own trembling hands. Instead of hiding from your ghosts, you embraced them with open arms. That person that left you, they had a reason to. Deep down they knew, it wasn’t you who didn’t loved them, it was them.

You saw through their faults, and accepted their ways. You gave away parts of yourself, without ever realizing it. You sacrificed more for them, than they will ever understand. They knew how much love, you were willing to give, but it wasn’t enough. They knew you deserved better, and better wasn’t them.

You had to experience the sleepless nights, the inability to eat, the ruminating thoughts, the feelings of worthlessness, and the cascading tears. You had to experience the painful heartache, because with-out it, than you yourself, wouldn’t be ready. That person, that person who ripped out your heart and spit on it, that person who left you for another so quickly, you’re not even sure if it ever really happened, they set you up for something much greater.

They set you up for an eternal love. A love who will meet you, around every corner. A love who will see you, for the star that you are. A love who will find you, in the darkest of nights. A love who will write to you, every single day. A love who will travel, to the end of the earth. A love who will swim, through the deepest of seas.

Before you get there though, you need to say thank you. You need to say thank you to that person who left you for dead. Without them, you would never have known how it felt, to truly feel alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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