You Shattered My Heart And I Would Let You Do It All Over Again

Eris Setiwan

It’s funny how we can go from being best friends to strangers, strangers who say hello occasionally, and have no meaningful conversation. We can barely hold a three-sentence conversation without getting drowned in the memories we created.

You argued that you had a good reason. Was the reason really that good? Was the reason so good that it caused you to oppress your feelings? Who you are as a person? And what do you desire?

I want you to know that no matter where we end up and how old we get, I will always remember you, because I choose to remember you. You changed the way I looked at this world full of hatred.

You were the one. I saw everything in you that I wanted in my partner, your intelligence, your beauty, the way you elegantly moved while dancing, and most importantly your humor that can have me smiling for days like an idiot. I desperately wanted time to freeze, to stay stuck in this frame.

Every morning, I wake up to involuntary flashbacks to the times we were inseparable, the days where we would spend countless hours together even though our friends said it was a bad idea. We knew that there was something between us.

My intentions were clear, I wanted to make you mine and I did everything to show that by trusting you unconditionally, believing in you like I have never done. While we were together, I touched your beauty with words, I experienced your happiest and darkest times. We would talk from dusk till dawn.

Do I regret telling you how I felt?


Was it worth it? With every single breath that I took, I would go through the pain again in a heartbeat because getting my heart shattered by you feels like a drug. I will remember the best drug that caused my life to turn upside down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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