Living On Earth With Julien Blanc (And How To Survive)


“I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.” – Graboid27

Did you like that one? I’ve got an even shorter horror story.

“Julien Blanc.”

As you may know, Julien Blanc is a pick up artist who works for the company Real Social Dynamics. Bits of one of his seminars can be viewed here on a petition to end his seminars. If you watch the video you could understand why many people are infuriated. Here is some insight and theory in no particular order.

1. It’s understandable that…

…there will unfortunately probably always be some guys (and face it, some females too) that think its acceptable, and necessary, to manipulate the opposite sex (or same sex if it tickles your fancy). There is not much you can do about these people. Should you ever encounter these people, maybe calmly explain how women/men are not one dimensional figures we smash like putty through a strainer till it spits out reciprocated desire.

Or you could punch their lights out.

I advise against doing that though as I firmly believe that the words we say to people will keep them up at night longer than any bruise or cut.

The point I’m making is that there will still be a handful of human beings out there that manipulate, but …

2. How many are getting paid to teach said manipulations to other men who might not happen to know any better?

(Wait, did she just try to create a grey area about the fuckers that attend these seminars?)

Though you can’t stop manipulators that fly solo, we can try to put an end to a ‘c u next Tuesday’ of a person, who treats the emotional abuse of women as if it were a business, from continuing to spread his self perceived gospel. The good people of Australia have successfully deported him from the country because we don’t take this sort of thing lightly.

With seminar titles like “Phd in female attraction” and “How to be an assertive man” there is a chance that the insecure men that attend these seminars were misled into thinking that Julien Blanc would teach them how to talk to women, what to say and how to act. How could they predict that he would be teaching them to do it negatively? This is a likely possibility. But this sort of manipulative bullshit also isn’t new and has been going on for years. But hey, you’d have to be a bit ignorant because what the hell is a ‘Phd in female attraction’ anyway?

3. He is manipulating the men that attend his seminars.

It is so obvious that it has got to be a joke.

The video circulating online consists of a couple seconds of him grabbing women by the back of their heads and pulling them down towards his crotch.

He or his editor uses an editing technique (and I use the word ‘technique’ lightly) where they cut the few seconds afterwards where the female in question most likely thinks he’s a freak and spends the rest of the night avoiding him. There is a sequence of him doing this to a series of women. There is no outcome presented, it is left up to the seminar attendees imagination to conclude what happens next.

He does this to so many women (forcefully shoving their heads down) that it must work right? “Look at all those women!” The reality is that he does this so fast for the cameras before the women could figure out what this lunatic was doing to their heads. I guarantee that when those Japanese women escaped his grasp they were calling him a ‘Weirdo’ or ‘Jerk’ in their native language. He basically brags about his sexual escapades in a country that he went to where the attendees most likely have never been or know much about.

But the attendees don’t see that bit; they see a confident guy who is unlike themselves. Julien plays with the ignorant minds of his insecure attendees. Which you’d have to be if you’re shelling $300-$3000 dollars for this class, you will sit down, shut up, and listen because hardly anyone is willing to admit when they’ve made a mistake.

It’s a misconception that the sexual desires of a female don’t differ from person to person, but differ from country to country. As if women weren’t free thinking individuals.

Max, Blanc’s friend who took over for him to run a seminar in Australia, blamed the media for ‘selectively editing’ the clips and he recommends watching the full dating videos before judging them. Having personally worked in film there is only so much you can manipulate with editing and it does not excuse Blanc’s racism and women objectification. How much more do you really need to see to get the picture? He’s claiming protestors are ignorant; protestors are claiming Max is ignorant. This is not a case of agreeing to disagree.

4. His stories are highly likely a figment of his own imagination.

Now I’m not saying he’s made them all up, I’m just saying to check out a text conversation he had with a female on tinder. You can ignore all the other links but don’t ignore that one.

This guy either has a God complex or has some serious issues (its usually both). He tries to be assertive towards her, and when she continues to decline his advances, he straight up begs for the girl to quench his thirst, admitting that he’s desperate. Which is weird cause sex isn’t water.

When he’s not being assertive towards women, he feels he knows enough to charge men to listen to his words of wisdom. I wonder how many would ask for a refund if they saw that conversation. By the sounds of things, it would generate a laugh, dismissed as a case of “Classic Julien” and he would never have to admit that saying ‘it was a series of manipulative tricks’ is his defensive mechanism; that of course he never actually cares because caring is weak, and he is a man, and men can’t be weak. (Feminism forever.)

5. Max quotes “We were actually fearing for our safety and that’s really not cool.”

That’s funny. They don’t like the idea of being assaulted or harassed. How interestingly ironic seeing as that is basically what Blanc’s actively preaching. I wonder if that says something.

6. Why are people so angry?

Because you’re asking that question. People aren’t prizes and Blanc isn’t going to grant you cheat codes to be able to obtain them.

It’s brainwashing, and simply put, if someone pays money for said brainwashing there is a high chance they’ll give it a try. GOD FORBID the impossible occurs and it works – they will at best; brag to their mates who will proclaim him as their idol and he’ll feel good for being a shitty person (and he WILL brag because if he’s pulling these tricks his likely incapable of self-affirmation) or AT WORST; they will spread the misogynistic things they have learned in a demented version of what made the Fred Hollows foundation so successful which would be a fucking horror story.

7. Manipulation might work…

if your intention is babysitting the emotional wreck you’ve created; while dismissing the mess as crazy or unstable as if that was the way it was when you found it. You need to be ready to take responsibility if the shit hits the fan. You might get what you’re after or you might just drive someone over the edge because they’re so embarrassed or full of rage from having to deal with you.

Be nice.

8. Why do men pay up to $3000 to hear how to “properly” objectify/pick up women and control them?

One Men’s Rights Activist was quoted as saying “If women were human then why wouldn’t they date me?”

How retch inducing. Another human being’s worth does not happen to be voided if said person does not grant you what you believe you are entitled to. Nobody owes anybody anything on this earth. You are not an exception to this. It’s not about what you get or how much you get from someone. This is a concept some people still find difficult to understand.

9. That Men’s rights activist goes on to quote…

“I mean, sure, I attend cruises on how to effectively manipulate them instead of, you know, talking to them like they’re people but that just shows I’m dedicated to my craft.’”

This man has convinced himself he is an artist, and that the world is his Play Doh, apparently.

10. Another person defends Julien Blanc’s tactics by saying that it could ‘help men with social anxiety’.

For a really shitty second here I mustered up some sympathy for Blanc’s followers. Then I became angry again wondering if these were manipulative tactics and I got frustrated that it had almost worked. Logical thinking returned to my head. Why would you manipulate a person to stoop down to your low level of self-confidence just so they will hook up with you? This is a desperate action taught by a very desperate man (as he himself admitted in paragraphs above. Oh what the hell, here’s the link again.)

If a person is manipulating you for sex or controlling you in a relationship, they are after self-gratification. They are only interested in what’s skin deep (if that). They will want to own you like an object, they want you to be their idea of a person, and there is a chance they will carry you around for show. These people are destructive, and they will potentially destroy you if you let them.

11. Whether you do or don’t get reciprocation from the object of your desires still doesn’t determine your self worth.

If I, a female, and you, a male, are talking and you learn that I wish to pursue nothing more than friendship, and you get offended or become angry, it is no longer about me. How you react to rejection is an implication of how you see your own self-worth. I’m not the one that you should be making your enemy. It’s a one man battle inside your head that only you can fix. If you rely on someone else to slay your demons, you will never learn how to, and you will never be satisfied.

12. Recognise if someone is trying to manipulate you or appears abusive.

And Run. As far and as fast as you can. Do not be tempted to fix someone. It is not your job.

These Men’s Rights Activists are ridiculously ignorant and selfish. And male-hating Feminists (though if you hate men you are not actually a feminist) are not reputable either but they have reason to be angry from centuries of belittlement, oppression and being relegated as second-class citizens. Men have not suffered from these things at the hands of women. It’s the 21st Century and women are still being paid less then men for the same job. Feminism (which honestly, I believe certain people are hesitant to support cause it sounds female domineering because it starts with ‘fem’; which is a theory that only serves to dispute why we really need feminism) is a stance for gender equality. No gender is less or more than the other. No gender is entitled to more respect than the other. There is no set way for a man or woman to express themselves (as long nobody is getting hurt)

Hating the other sex is going in the wrong direction. Feminism will be taught to our children and it might be a matter of waiting for the world to grow out of its old fashioned ways of thinking. But gender equality will come. As long as asshats like Julien Blanc aren’t free to piss all over the progress.

Julien Blanc obviously has some seriously disturbing issues but he doesn’t just hate women. No, he hates all people. He treats females disrespectfully and then he saw a market targeted at men who don’t seem to know any better and charge them money to have them listen to his stories which he passes off as advice.

He thinks its all a joke. And if you go to these seminars, Julien Blanc is laughing at you.

Everyone else of decency is throwing rocks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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