I Am The Universe

Greg Rakozy
Greg Rakozy

Waves curl
On my spine,
As soft blue moons
Grow in my belly.

Sprout out of my throat
Every time
The earth laughs.

My dreams break open
And spill
Fat drops of honey
Dripping with gold.

So I squeezed the sun
Between my fists
And drank half a glass
Of sunshine
To put the light
Back into my bones.

Seasons split
And wither away
Inside my flesh,
And I often find myself
Waking up
In the middle of the sky,
Smelling like the ocean
Made love to me
Last night.

Take a bite
Out of my soul.
Taste the night sky there.
Watch it break open
Like a thousand seas.
Let the chaos melt
Like snowflakes
On your tongue.

I am the universe in ecstatic motion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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