How I Redefined Happiness And Enjoyed A Better Life

Brooke Cagle

Since the day we are born, we delve ourselves in the relentless pursuit of happiness. Either to give or to receive happiness, seems to be the central driving force of our lives. Yet, happiness remains the most elusive of all human emotions. Just as the feeling, the definition of happiness is unique for each one of us.

If I ask you if you are happy, and you can readily answer with a resounding ‘yes!’ congratulate yourself!

The rest of us are constantly seeking it, redefining it, pursuing it. Life changes, and so does our definition of happiness. With deep gratitude and heartfelt reflections, I have realized happiness is a beautiful gift.

Happiness is temporary: Happiness is a MOMENTARY state of joyfulness that is not meant to be permanent. That moment of exhilaration and jubilation does end, leaving us longing for more. Our everyday decisions, actions and convictions bring us to this emotional high point – so give yourself a high five when you feel happiness, as you have created your own reality! The complex world of human emotions was not designed to be within parameters of social boundaries. We say, in life we often find ourselves at the intersection of doing right and being happy. There is probably no such thing. Doing right, by us, is what makes us happy at that defined moment – happiness is not a future forward emotion. Acknowledge the gift of happiness with gratitude, in the moment.

Happiness is perspective: Often times, we find ourselves rolling in the darkness of the misgivings and missed opportunities in life. Hearts break, loved ones pass, sickness conquers, life blurs – it is important to recognize and live through the storm of these feelings. The pressure to be happy is real – but it is not necessary. Allow yourself the heartache when it comes, immerse yourself in the waves of sadness if you must – but do focus on what is right in your life. There is something, there is ONE thing that is right in all our lives. Find it. Fill your heart with it. Remember, always, it could be worse.

Happiness is simple: Our happiness index is frequently measured by highlights, achievements, successes, personal milestones, and the social definition of life’s journey. Happiness is not complicated. You can be in the “temporary” state of jubilation many times during the day, with simple acts. Turn on your favorite song, connect with your favorite friend, visit your loved ones, write a blog, sweeten your coffee just an extra bit (no guilt attached), be kind to a stranger, return the smile of a child at the grocery store, go ahead and count the “Likes” and “Loves” on your social media posts, play with your
pet, don’t do laundry, break the routine, call your special person unscheduled — the list goes on.

Happiness is detachment: Our pursuit of happiness is often linked to individuals, expectations, goals, and desires. No matter how much we want, situations often do not change, our loved ones often walk out of our lives leaving us burned and broken, our goals and objectives often fail, and most importantly our expectations of others leave us feeling dejected and defeated. In such state of mind, it is difficult to recognize we are allowing our happiness to be dependent, and to be completely overshadowed by actions, consequences, or outcomes beyond our control. The deliberate mental attitude to not be overwhelmed with negative emotions allows for more happiness. Detachment doesn’t imply dissociation – it simply is the power you give yourself to disengage from stressful and tumultuous situations and circumstances. In practicing detachment, you accept gracefully, react responsibly, reorient effectively.

Happiness just is: Allow yourself happiness. Cherish your close relationships. After you have experienced the brutality of a day gone wrong, hug your child and feel that magical wave of love and happiness surrounding you. Don’t deny yourself the love that you know exists. Take pride in simple
accomplishments, indulge in simple pleasures, listen to and appreciate someone else’s perspective, stand by your ideals, be unwavering in love, expect detours, minimize judgement, exhibit kindness, express gratitude, keep the faith, recognize your blessings, and ALWAYS believe in miracles.

Happiness is the reward, when your life lessons are learned. Go ahead, claim your happiness hour. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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