3 AM Thoughts From A Broken Woman

Pexels / Pixabay

i’d rather be loved for my body than
to be put on a scale for my date-ability

i can’t cook but i can eat
can’t smile but i can smell your musky scent smothered
generously across the nape of your neck, a
trail down your back
sending shivers down my spine

i can’t commit but i can finish
i can’t clean but my hands are said to be as skilled
as a masseuse

the more i stare at your lips the more i convince myself
i am undeserving of such perfection
my legs look shorter
my belly bigger
my tattoos embroidered around my waist, more stretched out

i shiver at your touch and
your kiss suddenly feels like charity
you say i am beautiful but i am just a tool to you
i am just on sale
on the windowsill for far too long to have garnered your pity

i can’t be loved for my body
i am not even on the scale for date-ability Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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