20 Things You’ll Learn Upon Reaching College

1. Don’t assume that every man you have a crush on is going to be your “Mr. Right”. You’ll just scare the excitement out of him and you’ll end up getting sad and heartbroken (yes, that premature) and you’ll find yourself surrounded with tear-jerking chick flicks and lots of ice cream and pizza.

2. Don’t ever procrastinate, unless you’re the type of person whose creative juices magically flows when academic and deadline pressures are forced.

3. Group Messages are so highschool. Unless you’re going to group message an important announcement or something, don’t ever assume that everyone is curious about you and wants to know what you’re eating, where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing, what you’re feeling, where you’re heading and all that other shit unless they texted you that they are curious to know.  It’s not only annoying but it’s also battery consuming. You’re also adding shit traffic to the network.

4. Nobody cares about your dramas in life so don’t be such a bitch and whine about your failing grades in your social networks when you yourself don’t comply to the deadlines in school.

5. Those fairytale endings in movies? Those aren’t real, honey. Make your own love story and turn it into your reality… but don’t expect someone with a shiny, silver Volvo will just drive in the front of your home and ask you to marry him. That’s just plain weird.

6. When you know someone talking bad things about a gay person you know and care about, be firm enough to stand up for him/her.

7. Know your alcohol limits.

8. If you want to ace throughout your college life, study hard, follow the rules and get on the good side of the professors.

9. Build strong and lasting friendships with the people you’re comfortable to be with. It’ll be your fortitude when you feel sad and your soft cushion when you fall.

10. If there’s an exam next week and you want to ace that test, don’t study the night before. Trust me, just don’t. Cramming may work for some people but if you’re that grade-conscious type of student, study as early as you can.


11. School organizations house one of the most interesting and experience-filled relationships. Don’t be afraid to join a club or try a new sport.

12. Don’t do something that’ll break someone’s trust. Or just don’t do bad things. Doing crazy things are different from doing bad things. Crazy is crazy, bad is bad. Trust me when I say this, when you do a bad thing, it’ll ruin your reputation. You may not be aware of it but people will be talking behind your back. I am one of those people who talk about people behind their backs, that’s why I know.

13. Gossiping is, I admit, addictive and one of the adhesives of cliques and friendships but one rule of gossiping: Don’t ever gossip about someone with something that’s not true.

14. Accept the fact that some of the people you’ll meet in college are not virgins anymore. And maybe you’re going to be devirginized too. So don’t act and think so high of yourself and spat about them like they are the most disgusting people on Earth. They are still people who just experienced something fancy and pleasurable that you, yourself, is going to experience soon.

15. When you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

16. If you feel like you’re friends bring out the darkest side in you, stop and think for a while: Is this what I really want to become? If your answer is yes, then congratulations! You’re in good hands. If your answer is no, then find new friends who will radiate the good things to you.

17. If you don’t want to call every man in town a pervert, then don’t wear shorts that show your vagina or tees that’s equally short like a bra. I’m just curious, some girls will wear that sort of thing and they’ll shout “pervert” at some men when they look at their almost-naked bodies. Like WTH?

18. Respect everyone’s interests and tastes.

19. When someone disagrees with your opinion, that’s OK. A lot of people do too. You see, everyone has a different look on things and don’t think of your perspective as the highest of all thinking and degrade every single opinion that rebuts to yours. That’s just rude.

20. And of course, Be kind and polite.

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