How To Pick The Perfect Date For Each Zodiac Sign

How To Pick The Perfect Date For Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Bowling, concert, skydiving, rock climbing

Give them a time to remember, make them bring out their passion and competition, be unpredictable, match their energy and don’t let it slow down

Taurus: Nature walk, movie marathon, restaurant, cooking lesson

Make them feel comfortable, don’t overdo it, they appreciate beautiful surroundings, do something that encourages their senses

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Gemini: Film/music festival, funfair, hiking, quiz night

Needs somewhere they can focus on you, make sure you’re mentally stimulating them so they don’t get bored, keep them in the present

Cancer: Roller Skating, walking along the beach, art gallery, forest

Make sure they feel secure, do something that brings out their energy, do something thoughtful that makes them feel loved

Leo: Trip to the theatre, sports match, dancing class, arcade

Take them somewhere with a lively atmosphere, show them your full attention, don’t go somewhere too distracting

Virgo: Having breakfast together, candlelit dinner, museum, climb a mountain

Take them somewhere calm that doesn’t involve too much planning, keep it minimal and don’t overwhelm them, keep the options safe

Libra: Picnics, shopping, night drives, music festival

Take them somewhere with a romantic atmosphere, decide for them where to go, they appreciate good scents, show good manners

Scorpio: Cinema, movies at home, walk alongside a river, escape room

Tell them about you to make them feel like they know you better, do something chill, discuss opinions on certain subjects, don’t make it awkward

Sagittarius: Roadtrip, zoo, theme park, karaoke

Make them feel like they’re having an adventure, share philosophies with them, be spontaneous like they are, don’t plan it but improvise instead

Capricorn: Restaurant, museum, nature walk, cafe

Do something traditional that they’re familiar with, show them how classy you are, make sure you make effort so that it feels more special

Aquarius: Bar, science fair, ghost hunting, aquarium

Show them your support for what they’re interested in, share conspiracies and have thought provoking conversations, make it unique

Pisces: Stargazing, art class, music festival, picnic by the sea

Encourage them to reveal their weaknesses, talk about music and art, make it a deep experience, show them how romantic you are

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