Springtime Is For New Beginnings, But I Can’t Forget You

Chiến Phạm

It’s almost May now
The month of beauty
Of new beginnings
The final act of Spring fever
Last May was Us
The art of forgetting.

For eleven months
I have dreamed of May
That feeling
We were invincible
A freedom and a love
So big that
Time has ceased to heal
My aching heart
The art of forgetting.

May 21st
The date itself stings me
Electrocutes my soul
A day of “loss”
Of rebirth
The art of forgetting

To think is to forget
They say
The thought of
That perfect night in history
I’ve memorized every second
Every move
Every thought I had
The art of forgetting

The art of forgetting you
The pain, the torment
The lust, the love
All of you…
That is an art form I have not mastered yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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