All The Questions I Wanted To Ask After Running Into You

Did you feel it?
Thousands of memories
Crashing over your head
Did you feel it?
The wind knock you over
Your fingertips shaking uncontrollably
Did you feel it?
Your heart pounding out of your chest
Fueled by hatred, love, and vulnerability
Did you feel it?
The months of distance closing in on this moment
Where you and I meet again
Was it real?
Or illusion
Are you lonely now?
Replaying the 26 seconds of interaction
Over and over
Punching yourself over
Not holding my hand just one more time
Are you squeezing your own hand now?
Missed chances eaten by fleeting time
Do you believe it?
That fate brought us together
Missed calls and will power
The gods didn’t have silence in mind
So here we are in a strange crowded room
You lazily dragged out on the couch
Me stable, towering over you for once
But you gave me that smile
Months of pain and silence vanished through shaking fingertips
That smile tore away caught me in a trance just for 26 seconds
A dip in progress or a test of resilience?
Nothing you could say in that moment would be enough
So I shut the door and didn’t dare look behind.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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