I Am Left With The Pieces Of Us

Jake Melara
Jake Melara

I am left with the pieces of us
I can still taste sweet, unknowing lips
I can feel the pavement beneath us
The Immensity of the world together
I can see the summer sun peaking through my window
Cautiously nurturing Romance and Me

But then the nightmares come crashing in
September,tormented, vodka breath
Consuming every girl in sight, just to spite me
Missing a piece or two, I try and fill the void
But there is no finished puzzle to replace
Only a tender sunset of Pink forgiveness and Orange beginnings

Months of suffocating silence, twisting me inside out
I fall asleep every night, dreaming of a completed puzzle
I dream of a time in space where we would be enough
But when reality hits in the morning
The sunsets and the nightmares start to blend
The sweet cream lips become tainted with vodka breath
And the orange beginnings fade to gray minute endings…

Is it Love if half the pieces are missing?
Is it Love if my imagination rules reality?
Is it Love if the clouds envelop the sunsets?

We go in circles around the Earth
Looking for the missing Pieces of Us
It’s beginning to dawn on me
How I Love the gaps between us
Creating Space for Me
You should keep Rotating
But this is where I draw my line. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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