You’re Not ‘Hard To Love’ (You’re Just Being A Baby)

Let’s be honest with ourselves for once.

We need to stop saying: “I’m hard to love.” *puts hand on forehead like a damsel in distress*

OR: “I’m me and I’m not going to change just for you.”

And especially this one: “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”


Heres’ The 4 Phrases You Need To Stop Saying If You Actually Want To Find Love:

1. “I’m hard to love.”

No. You’re really not. You just like to think you’re some special human specimen that deserves someone with superpowers. Honestly, it’s probably best you’re not with anyone right now with that mindset. I’d feel bad for the person you were with.

(Whoa this girl is a bitch)

No, just doing the job your friends apparently aren’t doing.

You’re self esteem is low and you’re probably just an overall uncomfortable with yourself. You’ve probably pushed a few potential partners and friends away with the caliber of your bad ‘tude towards everything. There. I said it.

A little presumptuous of me, yes. You’re probably just a bitch (or come off as one) to every possible significant other you meet. Maybe not an outright bitch, but your lack of confidence displays as brightly as a neon sign. You lack of confidence is also projected through your personality, in turn, interpreting you as an overall, unapproachable bitch to most.

You can blame society all you want but the only person you should be blaming is yourself for falling victim to societal norms and what they think is pretty. You CHOSE to agree with the societal norms. Remember that.

2. “I’m me and I’m not going to change just for you.”

Good for you. Don’t change. Unless you want to actually attract another human.


Honestly, what you’re doing right now isn’t working and probably won’t work anytime soon. So, here’s a thought: Change for you. Change for the better. Lose the weight that you want to lose and stop giving yourself reasons and buying yoga pants to cover it up. Change your attitude on life. Not everyone is out to get you and if you think everyone is judging you, you’re being paranoid. Don’t give them a reason to judge you. This is where that saying “Kill them with kindness” comes in.

Just remember, you’re 1 of almost 8 billion in this world. People have better things to do than spend time judging you all day, every day.

Change because you want to. Don’t change because I’m telling you to or someone else is. Just realize that change CAN be a good thing if your current routine is rendering you unhappy.

3. “If you can’t handle me at my worst…”

Alright. We’re stopping at the beginning of that sentence. The worst?! What’s your worst? If it’s throwing shit, texting incessantly, making a scene when you’re made, puking everywhere while drunk, complaining about everyone around you, constantly pms-ing, or complaining and demanding free dinner because you asked for lettuce and you got spinach. Then shit, I don’t even want to be your friend, that’s fucking embarrassing. Stop it right now.

Now, if your “worst” is morning breath, a few fits of anger when your hair isn’t right, and crying because your favorite shirt is missing, that’s fine. I can handle that because that’s normal. But really evaluate what your “worst” really is. That should help you understand why people may not like you or want to date you.

4. “…you don’t deserve me at my best.”

No. Cut that shit out.

EVERYONE deserves you at your best. Whether it’s your friends, boyfriend, spouse, neighbor, mail man, trash dude/dudette, or a cashier. You best should be who you really are. Your best isn’t when you get paid a lot or when everything goes your way. Your “best” is who you are all the time, not just one evening dressed up in formal attire. Not when your make-up is “on point”. Your “Best” is when your know how to handle a situation. Your “best” is knowing when to give your opinion and when to hold your trap shut.

Your “best” is your everyday self.

So. Let me ask you this:

Are you posting all of these quotes because you’re trying to give yourself justification for being a shitty person? Honestly, that’s probably why you’re posting them.

Re-evaluate your attitude and outlook on life. You may be surprised how different your life will be in a year or so. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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