I Will Always Find You

Matheus Ferrero

I dreamt of you last night, and remembered just how much I missed your voice; that soft voice that was only for me. A little rough around the edges, I remember, but that is how I loved it. And I remember the flood of sweet words you left behind, the ones I have written down in my own book of tales so that our story would last forever more.

I have saved you hundreds more of pages, and I will continue to write until you and I can meet under the stars. So I will find you, and we will write the last words to our fairytale.

You should know, I am not afraid of waiting. Even the longest, coldest of nights will never take me away from you. So I will wait, and when we have done our time apart, I will come to you.

During this time without you, I have learned how to mend broken hearts and lost souls. I have learned how to love them, so I will reach out to you and please, let me love you the way you deserve to be and watch me make everything okay again.

Endless nights are easier to bear when I have the memories to keep me sane. Do you remember them the same way I do? Because in my eyes, I see bright streaks of gold on everything your fingers touched. I can almost see the gold flecks on my skin, burning with amber. I see bursts of pastels, of pinks and purples and blues. I see pulsing red beating in your chest and in your cheeks, a blossom of a thousand roses.

I will find you, and we can lay our heads on the grass as we replay all of the beginnings, projecting them up in the night sky. Our memories will be stretched into infinity, and there will be infinities more for all the future ones.

I have a thousand more pages, and I will write all about only you until I find you again. It won’t matter anymore that our fates were unfortunately decided upon by the cruel universe, because we have our own fairytale now. We will be together again, with a much happier story.

So wait for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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