Maybe In Another Universe Our Love Was Meant To Be

Wil Stewart
Wil Stewart

We could have been together. If only we were in another universe, one that was much kinder to us who loved, we would have been together. Because the stars would finally align, and with a little bit of that magic, I could have heard you say the words ‘I love you’. That would have been my reality and not just a short-lived scenario off my midnight fantasies.

But that’s in another universe, galaxies and infinities of space away.

Here, the stars are cruel. They mocked us on our tragedy, our failure for an attempt at a fairytale. They spilled in light in our darkest of times, in the longest of goodbyes and in the most painful of heartbreaks. They were bright and beautiful when I walked away from you with tears heavy upon my cheeks. And they disappear all the times I’m alone and without you.

In this universe, we simply weren’t meant to be. And no matter how much searching I do, that is the only explanation that will ever be.

Over there, the stars would be named after us and they would write in the sky the story of our love. The constellations would cast a spell and grant us the happy ending we were meant for. The magic in that universe would never allow a broken promise because every word will be held true. I would never have heard you say that you loved another girl when you had already said that you were falling for me. Instead, you would’ve said that I made you realize what love truly was and my heart would’ve never known pain.

Memories would never have been tainted blue. They would be something you bring up whenever we were out at night and you remembered to point at the sky with a proud grin, making me wonder if stars were your favorite or mine. You would have had the same glint in your eyes each time you talked about the story of us for the many years after, and my heart will always remember how madly in love I was with you since the very first chapter.

Instead, I only know what it’s like to be haunted by what never was. I only know the pain of fleeting between the past and a world that only exists an infinity away. Because that has become my reality. A reality where you are never too far from my thoughts and where my mind often asks of you. My heart breaks every time. It breaks when I see you and when I see us pretending that we didn’t share a history, pretending to be strangers when we once loved. And I start to lose you all over again.

I can only soothe my heart knowing that somewhere beyond our sad, sad lives, there’ll be another us. And that’s all it takes for the world to be right again, just you and I together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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