7 Reasons You Should Date The ‘Nice Guy’

via Unsplash - Kate
via Unsplash – Kate

When a woman says “he was…nice,” it’s not a good thing. It’s an “okay” answer. And an “okay” answer does not get a guy a 2nd date.

Society has created the negative label of “nice guy.” It’s a way to describe someone who is inexperienced, shy, and friend-zoned. Or, translation from a woman’s brain, he’s “just not that interesting.” He’s just “nice.”

By immediately overlooking those “nice” guys, we could be passing by that “good” guy we constantly talk about when complaining how hard it is to meet these kind of men. That good guy who respects you, makes you laugh, loves you unconditionally, and makes you feel like the most important person in the World. We all want that “good” guy that treats us right. Well, he really could be right under our nose. 

The next time you’re on a date and start to realize how “nice” this person is, start to recognize all the positive qualities instead of immediately eliminating all future chances. 

As a dating a coach who works with “nice” guys, I have gathered the top 7 reasons you should give them a chance. 

1. They are Good listeners

They don’t spend majority of the time talking about themselves, they genuinely are curious about you and want to hear what you have to say. 

2. They are Generous

They actually care about you, your happiness, and will do what they can to bring you happiness.

3. They are Thoughtful

They always remember what you say and will use that information to make you happy. Some may say they’re romantic, what woman doesn’t like that? Since they listen, they’ll surprise you randomly by getting you your favorite snack while they were at the store.

4. They are Supportive  

They not only listen, they understand, they support you, and help you solve the issue. They know when to just listen, when to give you encouraging words, and when to tell you to fix the issue. They will try their best to help you get out of any negative feeling. They absolutely cannot stand seeing you sad, angry, or hurt.

5. They Have Good Intentions

They don’t play games. Their intentions are clear and obvious. If they like you, they like you. They have the goal of seeing if this can build into a relationship, they’re not after “one thing”. This isn’t elementary school anymore where if someone teases you, it means they like you.

6. They are Empathic

They understand feelings and will imagine what it’s like being in your shoes. They not only listen, but really try to understand what you’re going through. They do this to figure out how else they can help. 

7. They are Respectful

Chivalry is not dead. Taking initiative may not come as strong as the highly attractive masculine men. However, please remember that you want to be respected, don’t you? They will make sure you are heard, they will not belittle you, and will make sure you are valued. They never want to put you in an uncomfortable position so they typically lean towards the safe side of not saying anything. Yes, that’s an issue…but some are working on it! 

Give the “nice guys” a chance!

The next time you decide to reject someone immediately, think about your reasons. Really think if the reasons why you’re rejecting is that much of a deal breaker. It’s most likely not. It’s about qualities that will last a life-time, not about that immediate spark you feel. Remember, attraction can grow. In fact, majority of successful long-term, happy, couples began with little spark. The attraction grew deep and large because of compatibility and the way they make each other feel. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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