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This Is What It’s Like To Date A Writer

Dating a writer is a huge challenge. Apart from the fact that you have Mr. Darcy, Romeo Montague, Heathcliff, Edward Cullen, and many other fictional characters to compete with, you must stimulate a writer’s intellectual prowess.

A writer has high standards. If she’s dating you, you can be assured that you must’ve passed not just one but quite a couple of tests. And these are tests she has spent years devising in her head. Also, be prepared to be asked a lot of questions. She has her list of topics to be discussed, categorized, filed, and ready to be fired whenever necessary.

Dating a writer is equal to never running out of things to talk about. Talk to her about history, literature, romance, politics, and feminism. A good writer is an avid reader. Want to talk about dinosaurs? How about cryptocurrency? Better yet, want to talk about conspiracy theories? She will always have a say on the matter. You will never get bored.

When you date a writer, you will have to be a really good conversationalist. Get ready to have your mind stimulated. She will not settle for textbook definitions or plagiarized ideas. No, no. She will try to pick your deepest, darkest thoughts. She encourages critical thinking. She will awaken your individuality and openness. And this will benefit you in the long run.

A writer is decisive and outspoken. She spent years reading about the greatest love stories in the world to the point that she knows exactly what she wants in a relationship and how she wants things to be. Dating a writer means not spending hours waiting for her to decide where to eat or what she wants for dinner. She will definitely know. Ask her.

Dating a writer means dating someone who is expressive and articulate. You don’t have to second guess her words. She can communicate quite effectively. If she can speak to her readers directly through her writings, surely she can make her words resonate with you instantly.

A writer knows that words have powers. There is magic in the written and spoken word. So you can be assured that she will always know what to say in every situation. You’re having a bad day? Talk to her. Failed an interview? Talk to her. In need of career advice? Talk to her. She is aware of how words can make or break people. Allow her words to motivate you.

When you date a writer, prepare to be showered with love and passion. Because a writer does not just think deeply, she loves deeply too. Notice how she reads or writes with so much concentration and so much attention to detail. This gives you merely a glimpse of how she’s willing to pour her heart out into something or someone she is very passionate about.

Dating a writer makes you feel special. A writer will put you on a pedestal. You will always be her muse. Her inspiration. She will either write about you or write for you. Her talent is a rare gift which one cannot buy in malls or in shops. And this talent will help build up your confidence and how you see yourself. She will help you see yourself through her perspective. And that view will be breathtaking.

When you date a writer, you get to be the first person to read her work before they even get published. Which sounds very special up until she sends you her 10th revised draft in the middle of the night for proofreading. But remember, she is only doing that because she values your honest opinion. Being her number one supporter is also equal to being her number one critic.

The way to a writer’s heart is through her mind. A writer values intellect and imagination more than anything. The moment you catch her mind, the rest of her will follow. So if you want a writer to fall head over heels for you, start with her head.

Dating a writer is never easy. Only the brave and tenacious endure. So consider this a warning to those who want to try and awaken a writer’s heart. Don’t date a writer if you’re not up for the challenge.

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