Love Is Meant To Be Out Of Your Control

Camila Cordeiro

The ability to love.
Too much.
Is a gift.
But also a curse.

It is beautiful.
And rare.
And brave.
But unwise.

Cause when you love too much,
You get blinded.
You tend to overlook.
Their faults and flaws.
You tend to ignore.
Your doubts and hesitations.

You silence.
The voice inside you.
Asking you to stop.
Warning you to slow down.
Begging you to not let go.

When you love too much.
You defy your own logic and reason.
Your emotions cloud your judgement.
You’re still you.
But somehow you’re not YOU anymore.

Suddenly, everything’s about him.
His face.
His voice.
His eyes.
His chin.
His arms.
Wrapped around you.
His lips.
So delicate and soft.
His words.
Sweet and reassuring.

When you love too much,
It’s suffocating.

You convince yourself
You’re fine.
You have it under control.
When in fact,
You don’t.
Love is out of your control.
It’s meant to be out of your control.
Love is not something you can tame.
It’s meant to be wild.

So you let it be.
You let go.
You trust.
You believe.
You have faith.
You learn.
You love.
A little.
A little too much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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