11 Quick, Painless Ways To Save Money

Flickr / 401(K) 2012
Flickr / 401(K) 2012

1. Cut the coffee

A coffee a day chases the money away. It may not seem like much, but those $5 lattes add up pretty quick. If you need your caffeine fix, cut the cost and go for the brew.

2. Walk it off

Taxis and Ubers are great, but if you can walk to your destination, do it. It’s good for your wallet and for your body.

3. Pack a lunch

Sure, it takes a little more effort, but packed lunches save you some dough and are often healthier than take-out; you have full control of every ingredient you put in.

4. Sell your old junk

If you haven’t worn it in over 8 months, get rid of it. There’s no point in wasting space when you could make a couple dollars off of what’s sitting in your closet.

5. Take on some odd jobs

Know someone with kids you can babysit? Or a dog you can walk? Take on any little jobs that come your way and put the extra money aside for saving.

6. Put a percentage of your paycheck away

It’s always great seeing your paycheck appear in your account, but before you go all crazy and spend it all, take what you can and save it for a rainy day. Start low and increase your percentage when you can; this way you’ll always feel motivated to keep going.

7. Downgrade

Reevaluate your purchases. Do you need the premium milk? Does wearing the most expensive perfume add value to your life? If you can find a cheaper alternative that still works for you, change it up.

8. Be a bargain hunter

Tuesday movie nights, coupons at the grocery store, a restaurant with a 5-dollar menu, Groupon? There are some great deals out there; take advantage of them. Also, if you’re a student, find out where you can use your student card; it can often save you a nice chunk of money.

9. Drink less

Booze is pretty pricey! Pre-drink when you’re going out and try to cut down when you’re out for dinner. Drinks like beer or wine spritzer last a little longer if you’re in for a long night.

10. Trade

You don’t always need to go out and buy things you need. Try trading; the Bunz community is a great place to trade your stuff for someone else’s.

11. Keep track

Write down every purchase you make, and track your improvements. Reward yourself with little goodies like baths or chocolate when you walk away from a purchase you were itching to make. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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