5 Thoughts About Vegetarianism (And 5 Foods That Represent It)

Flickr / tracy benjamin
Flickr / tracy benjamin

1. Vegetarianism makes me feel better about my food choices

This is the number one reason I originally went vegetarian (and the one I felt worst about when I subsequently went back to my meat-eater ways). It was a step in the direction to fulfil my ideal self and it felt great! Vegetarianism is generally a healthier way of life while also lessening my impact on the planet AND the animals AND the people who inhabit it.

Food to represent this thought: Vegetables grown in your own backyard – because as well as being great for me, it also makes me feel awesome for my hipster, superior food choices.

2. Vegetarianism brings up the opportunity for awkward social situations

Unfortunately, like anyone with food restrictions would know, social situations can sometimes be a bit hard. You have to bring your own food to get togethers, you’re the one who ticks “special dietary requirements” on invites AND you’re the one who keeps asking questions to the waiter at dinner and you know that someone is judging you just a little bit. That’s not mentioning how somehow your food choices always end up in some political argument about the ethics of eating meat.

Food to represent this thought: Sushi – because you’re out with a group of friends and you have seaweed stuck in your teeth but you only find out at the end of the day when you come home, look at yourself in the mirror and you ask , “Oh god, was this in my teeth all day?!”

3. Vegetarianism invites people to inappropriately comment on your food choices

“Are you getting enough iron?” “What about protein?” “Humans are meant to eat meat!”

Food to represent this thought: Canned Unicorn Meat – because it’s all lies.

4. You become obsessed with reading about vegetarianism, finding vegetarian food blogs and finding your veggie soul mate

When I first became vegetarian, I was constantly googling the word vegetarian. I had bookmarked a bunch of vegetarian/vegan blogs and I even joined a forum that I contributed to. If I had a spare moment, I would be looking up articles like “10 Reasons To Go Vegetarian” so that I’d be less inclined to eat the salmon in the fridge And good god, if you find another vegetarian you hang on to them tightly so you have someone to go to the new vegetarian restaurant and someone with whom you can figure out how to make tofu taste not so disgusting.

Food to represent this thought: Kale and Quinoa Salad – because I totally did try and find a way to include these superfoods in all of my meals.

5. Flexitarians are cool too

They may not be as dedicated as vegetarians but as a group who are constantly scrutinized for their dietary choices, who are vegetarians to judge flexitarians? Seriously, at least they’re giving it a go which is super awesome, because vegetarianism is not easy.

Food to represent this thought: Fries dipped in ice cream – sounds gross, but is actually so good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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