18 Signs Harry Potter Is Your Life

Flickr / Noël Zia Lee
Flickr / Noël Zia Lee


You saw “Harry Potter” in the title of this article and that is all you saw. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the title said.


You have a Harry Potter mood. A Harry Potter mood, for all you Muggles, is an overwhelming, consuming need to watch or read something Harry Potter-related.


You’ve read the books more times than you can count and your favorite Harry Potter book—Prisoner of Azkaban…duh—even more times than that.


Everything is relatable to Harry Potter. “Always” in John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars,, I am looking at you.


You just shed a tear at number four because of Snape.


It is vitally important to your friendships that your friends understand the amazing magical world of Harry Potter.


If your friends haven’t read the books, you may think less of them—a lot less of them.


When you’re watching other movies: “Hey! Why is Hermione hanging out with Muggles?”


Your pet has a Harry Potter-related name. My black cat’s name is Bellatrix.


You’re still devastated at Fred’s death. The fact that George could never produce a Patronus Charm again feels worse than when your partner of three years dumped your Harry Potter-loving ass on your birthday.


Harry Potter-themed Christmas sounds like the most genius thing ever. In fact, Harry Potter-themed everything sounds like the most genius thing ever.


When the final movie came out in 2011 (four years ago now—what?), it was almost like your best friends had left you forever.


You have intense discussions about the politics of the wizarding world.


Harry Potter is in your list of things to be immortalized on your body via a tattoo.


Going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is most certainly on your bucket list.


Emma Watson/Hermione Granger (which one is real again?) is totally your feminist icon.


Every time J. K. Rowling reveals something new it’s like when you were ten years old reading the books for the first time again.


You pray every single day the J. K. Rowling will write another book. Every. Single. Day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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