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This Is How Trainwreck Perfectly Goes Against Everything You Thought You Knew About Rom-Coms

Romantic Comedies feature hyperbolic parodies of the reality of dating, filled with limited and narrow characters that are often the most outrageously stereotyped of people. What is refreshing about Trainwreck is that it removes many of the traditional rom-com blinders, and allows for the hilarity of a believable situation to amuse its audience (and in some cases, make us uncomfortable with how close to home it hits).

Giving Voice To Shame: I Never Called It Abuse

Shame has been such an intense part of the abusive relationships that I have found myself in, and perhaps is the most common theme woven between them. I have felt ashamed of not speaking up and being more firm about ‘no’, ashamed at feeling guilty for pursuing things in my life that enrich me and which I love passionately.

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