The One Time I Felt Like The Most Interesting Woman In The World

via Roxanne Birmingham

You can tell if someone’s into what you’re saying from the way they’re looking into your eyes. You can learn a lot from them by paying attention to the kinds of questions they ask. There are those few instances when you know you’ve got them hanging onto every single word.

South Florida has a friendly laid-back vibe and in the winter months, I would visit friends and wander up and down the Fort Lauderdale coast searching for good looking people or just working on my tan.

It was a hot winter day and as the sun prepared to set I made my way back from the sand towards the rows of beach-houses leading up to the place I was staying at.

A charming Brazilian stopped me in my tracks, he and his younger brother chatted me up in their broken English, invited me over to their place.

I am a young woman in my early twenties, alone in the dusk, wearing nothing but a turquoise blue two-piece bikini, and although they were a cute and friendly pair, I hesitated. C’mon, they insisted, let’s smoke a joint, and that sold me on the idea so I followed them into the house.

It was tidy inside – I joined 4 Brazilian boys in the living room. We all sat around in chairs in a circle around an invisible fire telling stories, passing 2 blunts around. It came to my turn to tell a story and I got really into it, got worked up explaining much of the details with hand gestures so they could understand better.

Somewhere in the middle of my epic story I noticed that every single man in the room seemed to be really into what I was saying, staring intently at me. I became very flattered by the idea that I was so interesting, especially given the language barrier and despite the fact that we’d all just smoked 2 giant blunts.

When I finished the story, to their dismay I excused myself to go to the washroom. As I finished up and was washing my hands, I looked up at the mirror and my heart just about jumped into my throat. In the reflection I saw that my right boob was hanging out of the bikini top. It must have slipped out when I was talking with my hands.

I had just spent the better part of 15 minutes telling a story in English to four Brazilian men who barely understood what I was saying, with my boob hanging out in the open. I was mortified, but I was also laughing at myself.

I tucked the boob in walked out into the living room said “thanks for letting me know my boob was hanging out, guys” and the room erupted in laughter. We said our goodbyes, I left and I never saw them again. But I have a photograph in front of the beach house with the 2 brothers, and every time I look at it I smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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